PPA pricing

Accurate power purchase agreement pricing, without losing flexibility

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Generation forecasting

You shouldn’t have a one size fits all forecasting model for export meters. Our dedicated pricing tool will enable you to have multiple models for solar, wind and other generation techniques.

With Gorilla you are in charge. 


Risk Modelling

Time to quote matters. Model your prospect’s balancing risks with a much faster time-to-price without compromising on accuracy. Gorilla is able to calculate your most detailed models with all of your data in just minutes instead of hours.

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Flexible product creation

Changing market conditions force you to adjust and reinvent your products faster than ever. Our modular cost component approach empowers you to create, test and adapt without any IT involvement.



PPA pricing

Set yourself up for scale, pricing in spreadsheets only takes you so far. Robust and customisable tooling enables you to price, analyse and improve without compromise. We believe you should manage your power purchase agreement pricing models in a single flexible system.

Get PPA quotes out in minutes

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